Erectile Dysfunction as a Nasty Issue Resulting in Premature Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction is a devastating male condition, which hits the ability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection, which would be sufficient for a pleasurable and satisfactory intercourse. The issue may occur temporarily, as a result of stress, anxiety, relationship disorders and similar factors. However, it becomes a reason for concern when the disorder appears on a regular basis. The complication provokes further physical and psychical disorders, triggering related male disorders.

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common consequences of impotence. An extremely rapidly occurring ejaculation, within 1-2 minutes after the penetration or right after it, can impact your sexual life leading to dissatisfaction, relationship issues and mental disorders. Nevertheless, considering the two dangerous complications, each man as a chance to improve the situation. A number of modern researches and investigations resulted in excellent medications which can deal with both disorders at once.

Dapoxetine with Avanafil: Powerful Combination to Fight Both Disorders

Super Avana 160 mg is approved to be one of the leading male health drugs, which stimulate the considerable impact on physical and psychological processes in the body, activating functions required for proper sex. Avana is a revolutionary medication, which is aimed at reduction of premature ejaculation symptoms. Combined with Dapoxetine, the remedy helps fight the signs of erectile dysfunction as well. The result of drug administration is completely healthy and durable sex with timely ejaculation which a man can control. Further researches resulted in an advanced formula of sex medication, with even more powerful effect on the organism. The innovative mix of Avanafil and Dapoxetine stimulates an increased blood flow to peculiar body organs, boosting an ability to gain and hold a hard and durable erection. Additionally, the remedy interferes with the brain functioning, decreasing anxiety and managing proper ejaculation occurrence.

Currently, the combination of Avanafil and Dapoxetine has become even more effective, as each patient may select the medication suiting his needs the best. The remedy is offered in the following dosage:does super avana work

  • Top Avana tablets feature 50 mg Avanafil and 30 mg Dapoxetine;
  • Super Avana pills contain 100 mg Avanafil and 60 mg Dapoxetine;
  • Extra Super Avana consists of 200 mg Avanafil and 60 mg Dapoxetine.

Does Super Avana Work? Consequences of Drug Influences on the Body

Generally, the medication is reported to promote the required results and activate the necessary actions. Depending on severity of male disorders, a patient can choose the corresponding Avana type. All the treatments feature a positive effect with a minimal harmful impact on other body functions. Nevertheless, people with a severe form of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation should opt for Extra Super Avana, which can affect the organism fast and effectively. Top Avana suits men with mild or just rare instances of premature ejaculation. The treatment produces the same effect, though it is a bit milder.